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AI Ghana has got an amazing team with diverse experience levels and fields. Here, we introduce some of them to you. 


  • John Bagiliko (Co-founder and President)  

John Bagiliko is the president and co-founder of AI Ghana. He is also a Ph.D. student at the University of Rwanda. He is passionate about using data, statistics, data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to help African rainfed farmers. His current research is around improving satellite rainfall estimates in the African rainfed setting. John is also passionate about community development, and served as the country ambassador of Zindi in Ghana from 2020 to 2022 and helped in building vibrant data science and AI communities in Ghana including AI Ghana. 

  • Deborah Arthur (Co-founder and Vice President)
        Deborah Arthur is a vibrant lady with experience in data analysis, project management and community building. Deborah works with Cloud School as a Data Analyst and is the Co-founder and Vice President of AI Ghana. She is a strong believer of women who can and had inspired several young women in field of technology. Deborah loves to volunteer and has impacted and contributed to the growth of several tech communities which is one of the several things she enjoys doing. She is a member of the Djangcon USA volunteering team and African Women In GIS.

  • Charlotte Derby (Mentorship Committee Lead)

        Charlotte Derby is a final year student of the Ghana School of Law with her call to the Ghanaian Bar forthcoming in October 2023. She is passionate about volunteering her time and expertise towards a worth course. She also dabbles as a creative writer and serves as the Programs Coordinator for Writers Space Africa- Ghana Chapter. Charlotte and her team spearheaded the first Cohort of AI Ghana's Mentorship Programme. Though a daunting task,it was a privilege and a great opportunity for her and her team to help realize the potential of Mentors and Mentees. She looks forward to exciting opportunities to use Aritificial Intelligence to better lives and promote development. 

  • Evans Kojo Nketsia (Mentorship Committee Member) 

        Evans Kojo Nketsia is a professional with a diverse background in data visualization, project management, and personal assistance. With a BSc degree in Physics, Evans brings a strong analytical mindset and problem-solving skills to his work. With expertise in data visualization and programming languages such as C, C++, Python, and JavaScript, Evans has successfully executed projects that leverage data-driven insights to enhance decision-making processes. He has a keen eye for transforming complex information into visually compelling and easily understandable formats. 

  • Julius Markwei (Mentorship Committee Member) 

        Julius Markwei is a member of the Mentorship Committee. He is currently studying at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana for a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. He is passionate about data science and machine learning. He has a unique interest in data-related topics and strive to apply his knowledge in practice.

  • Francis Kwabena Kulefianu (Media Committee Lead)

        Francis Kwabena Kulefianu is the Media Committee Lead of AI Ghana. He is a data analyst professional. He graduated top of his class in Actuarial Science and has since spent over 4 years working in FinTech and Life Insurance. He has worked on several projects including AstraERP and Stately Pensions Solution (SPS). Francis is an entrepreneur, change activist and an aspiring data scientist. He loves to teach, read and travel.

  • Joshua Kobina Obeng (Programs Committee Lead)
        Joshua Kobina Obeng is the Programs Committee Lead of AI Ghana. He is passionate about data engineering and machine learning. Joshua holds a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Economics, and a master's degree in economics. Joshua has over eight years experience in business development and project management and three years experience as a data engineer. He curently works as a data engineer with Monterosa and enjoys spending time on a problem untill he can figure out a solution. 

  • Cephas Hallo (Programs Committee Member) 

        Cephas Hallo is a member of the Programs Committee and his role is to support in the planning and implementation of programs organized by AI Ghana. He is currently a Service Person, a Research and Teaching Assistant at the Department of Health Information Management at the University of Cape Coast. Cephas is an IT enthusiast aiming to have a career in health informatics and health data analytics. He is passionate about the use of AI to enhance patient safety and ensure effective quality  for patient care. 

  • Benedicta Frema Boamah (Programs Committee Member)

        Benedicta Frema Boamah is a member of the Programs Committee of AI Ghana. She is a social entrepreneur and podcaster who is passionate about technology, poverty interventions, economic growth, and social equity. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry (2019) from the University of Development Studies and has successfully completed an Entrepreneur in Training Program (Class of 2022) at MEST Africa where she majored in business, communications, and technology. Currently, Frema is the co-founder and marketing lead at Trober, a mobility startup that allows you to book and pay for public transportation by connecting riders to independent bus service providers. Trober is digitalizing mass transportation in Ghana for hassle-free commutes. Frema is also a BeChangemaker Finalist and GEDA Fellow on a mission to build a social enterprise, Lotus Foundation, to provide technology and livelihood empowerment training for people in underserved communities to have dignified jobs. At her core is an individual who is impact driven and always wants to show up in service of humanity.

  • Khadija Iddrisu (Programs Committee Member) 
        Khadija Iddrisu is a a member of the AI Ghana Programs Committee. She is also a PhD student with the Insight SFI Centre for Data Analytics at the Dublin City University, Ireland. She obtained a masters in Mathematical Science at AIMS Ghana and proceeded to AIMS Senegal to participate in the Google and Facebook Sponsored African Masters of Machine Intelligence. Khadija is passionate about the applications of Machine Learning in Healthcare. Her previous research focused on Deep Learning architectures for Brain Disease Diagnosis and 3D Medical Image Reconstruction. She is currently working on Multimodal Image Analysis for Detecting Driver Distraction behaviour which she believes is useful for safety of drivers and beneficial for Self driving Systems.
  • Bernice Perpetua Quarshie (Sponsorship Committee Lead) 

        Bernice Perpetua Quarshie is  AI Ghana's Sponsorship Committee Lead. She is a banker at Access Bank PLC Ghana. She has a great passion for technology and how to utilize its existence. She is a graduate of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and  Technology with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Statistics. She is a Data Science, AI and Software engineering enthusiast with skills in Microsoft suite, Python, SQL, Flutter and Dart. She loves to draw and dance.

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