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My Journey through the AI GHANA Mentorship Program

  I was browsing LinkedIn one day when I saw a post by AI Ghana looking for individuals to mentor in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. I tried my luck by applying, and in a few days I was invited for an interview to learn more about me. After the interview, in a few weeks I was accepted into the mentorship program out of a large number of applicants.  To add to that, I was very happy that day that I received an email that I had been accepted into the mentorship program. Since I am an artificial intelligence (AI) enthusiast and I didn't know where to start, this was a great opportunity for me to start my journey in the field. Besides, I am a geomatic engineering student, and I want to be a geospatial developer or geospatial data analyst in the future. Being in this mentorship is a step torward becoming who I want to be. Finally, my mentor, Godliver Alangyam, introduced me to the Python programming language, in which she taught me how to use some data scien

Empowering Innovators: My Journey through AI Ghana's Mentorship Program

Introduction As I reflect on my incredible journey as a recent graduate of AI Ghana's mentorship program, I am filled with gratitude for the transformative experience it has been. This blog post is not only a testament to my personal growth but also a celebration of the program's profound impact on aspiring innovators like myself. Join me as I share my experience, from the foundational knowledge I gained to the groundbreaking project I am pursuing, all made possible by the guidance and support of AI Ghana. Establishing the Foundations: A Gateway to Possibilities AI Ghana's mentorship program provided me with a solid foundation in the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Under the expert guidance of my mentor, I embarked on a journey that introduced me to the fundamental concepts, algorithms, and evaluation techniques. The program's hands-on approach and engaging discussions ignited a spark within me, propelling me forward on the path of AI-driven innov