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How Data Lies

How Learning to Lie with Data is Essential to Prevent AI being Sexist and Racist Offering practical actionable support to data scientists who are making efforts to be responsible, while recognising why it is hard to do so. The course can be found    here . Course Summary This course title "How learning to lie with data is essential to prevent AI from being sexist and racist." is intended to catch attention but also highlights the content of this course which intends to support data scientists looking to do responsible AI. The first part of the title comes from a book from 1954 titled "How to lie with statistics" which has been brought back into consciousness through another book "Rebooting AI". The first part of this course presents elements of how data can be misleading, while providing concrete tips to identify and address these data issues. The second part of the title refers to a series of recent scandals where it is argued that AI has not been used re